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IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BIOROB)
BioRob covers both theoretical and experimental challenges posed by the application of robotics and mechatronics in medicine and biology.

2018 | 2020 | 2022

International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC)
In an era where technology is expanding at a rapid rate and the needs for medical application of these technologies has never been greater, the intersection between engineering, medicine and biology is a critical place to be. The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society is well-positioned to serve as a central gathering point for both of these major disciplines.

2014 | 2018 | 2023

Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop Series on Medical Device Interoperability, Safety, & Security Assurance
The Medical CPS workshop series provides a forum for the presentation of research and development covering all aspects of High Confidence Medical Devices, Software, and Systems (HCMDSS), which are essential to support innovative, networked Medical Device (MD) systems to improve safety and efficiency in health care.

2007 | 2009 | 20112013 | 2014​2015 | 2016 | 2018

Workshop on High Confidence Medical Devices Software, and Systems (HCMDSS) Research and Roadmap
The purpose of the HCMDSS workshop was to provide an open, working forum for leaers and visionaries concerned with medical devices from industry, research laboratories, academia, and government with the goal of developing a roadmap to overcome crucial medical device software and systems issues and challenges facing the design, manufacture, certification, and use of medical devices.

2004 | 2005

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2014 NSF National Workshop on Research Frontiers in Medical CPS
This report provides a summary of the 2014 CPS Workshop on Medical Frontiers in Research, which took place February 6-7, 2014 at the Waterview Conference Center in Arlington, VA. The workshop brought together multi-disciplinary experts from industry, academia, and government to discuss future CPS research challenges in this space.

Report on the Planning Meeting for the National NSF Workshop on Medical Device Innovation Using Cyber-Physical Systems (Jul'12)
The goal of the planning meeting was to bring together invited experts from the clinical and technology domains to develop a program for the full workshop. The report highlighted the primary research areas identified by the breakout groups: health & wellness and telemonitoring; reanimation, high acuity health care, surgery and intensive care; and closed-loop control systems and all that they entail.

High-Confidence Medical Devices: Cyber-Physical Systems for 21st Century Health Care (Feb '09)
This report, published by the National Coordination Office for the NITRD Program (NCO/NITRD), presents the perspectives of the senior scientists of the NITRD Program's High Confidence Software and Systems (HCSS) Coordinating Group (CG), with input from experts from other Federal agencies, on the R&D challenges, needs, and strategies for developing and deploying the next generations of high-confidence medical devices, software, and systems.

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