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SaTC and, more broadly, the National Science Foundation support international cooperation, such as the US-Israel BSF International Opportunity, which focused on topics of interest including cyber-physical systems, security, privacy, secure software, and cryptography. The goal of programs such as these is to reduce the impediments to working internationally. Other funding opportunities for international work under the SaTC program have included joint research initiative between NSF and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) that grew out of a jointly funded workshop in 2015, NSF-NWO 2015 Privacy Workshop.

In late 2016, two workshops, held in Orlando, FL and then at the University of Brazil, on cybersecurity resulted in a "Dear Colleague Letter" to enable joint research with Brazil's Research and Development Center on Digital Technologies for Information and Communication (CTIC) of the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP). Several projects in this join research effort have been awarded with NSF's Fen Zhao serving as the point of contact for the program.