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The SaTC program brings together researchers and industry stakeholders to ensure that technologies can be transitioned into large-scale deployment and direct transfers to industry through Industry/University Cooperative Centers (IUCRC) proposals as outlined in a 2017 "Dear Colleague Letter". As well, the SaTC program supports Transition to Practice (TTP) projects that fund transitioning current research into broader implementation and Secure, Trustworthy, Assured and Resilient Semiconductors and Systems (STARRS) projects, which provides the opportunity to work closely with industry through the Semiconductor Research Corporations.

The National Information Research Development (NITRD) subcommittee has emphasized "transition to practice" as an urgent item for research that is funded. In response to this priority, SaTC has supported two workshops, jointly funded with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to improve the TTP process and to create a roadmap to produce more successful TTP results. These workshops generated a "Best Practices" guide authored by Becky Bace and Alec Yasinac (University of South Alabama).